Useful Information

Cycling is a great choice for exploring Latvia and getting to know its nature and culture more thoroughly.

The most suitable time for cycling in Latvia is from May to October.

Rural routes lead through beautiful small country roads, forests, or gravel paths, whose quality varies depending on road maintenance intensity and natural conditions.

Major cities have dedicated cycle paths, but outside of them, cyclists share the road with other traffic participants, especially on EuroVelo routes. 

The routes included in the map are marked.

In Latvia, there are train carriages equipped with bicycle holders, indicated by a sticker near the doors. A baggage ticket must be purchased for transporting bicycles.

Bicycle rental and repair services are available in major cities and populated areas. Several guesthouses and campsites also offer bicycle rentals.

While travelling, be sure to visit local tourism information centres!

While travelling, be sure to visit local tourism information centres! These centres provide detailed regional maps, comprehensive information about local attractions, various services, dining, and accommodation options.


The capital city of Latvia, Riga, is not only the pearl of Latvia but also the entire Baltic region

Each century has left its mark on Riga’s appearance, which can be seen in its architecture in the Old Town and the city centre. The cultural heritage coexists harmoniously with the fast pace of modern life.

Riga’s historic center is an outstanding collection of Art Nouveau buildings in Europe, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1997. Riga is also part of the European Art Nouveau Route program.