Latvijas Velo karte

Vidzeme Tourism Association, as the leading partner in the project supported by the Rural Support Service, presents "Latvia's Marked Cycling Routes and Greenways Map."

The main goal

The main goal of the project is to gather all of Latvia’s cycling routes and “Greenways” (former railway lines suitable for cyclists and pedestrians) that are marked according to a unified numbering system, in a user-friendly map for cyclists, tourists, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

About project

The comprehensive map will include the most interesting sights, cultural and historical heritage sites, culinary tourism attractions, as well as accommodations located on or near the marked routes. The project funding provides invaluable support for producing a convenient and easy-to-use route map, sharing map information online, and conducting an extensive marketing campaign to promote the routes in the tourism markets of the Baltic countries and Europe.

Our performance for Latvia and Europe

Vidzeme Tourism Association (VTA) has been working for several years to promote the development of cycling routes in Latvia, assigning numbered markings to the cycling routes in Latvia. VTA is also a member of the European Greenways Association and implements projects for the construction and development of greenways in Latvia and Estonia.

The printed cycling map features over 150 cycling routes in Latvia, including Greenways, EuroVelo routes, national and regional routes, and 14 local cycling routes.

Printed cycling maps are available at tourism information centres. 

PDF files can be accessed here